Mardi Gras, Presidential Primary – Whatever

Ever wonder how they (you know: them) could find even more ways of screwing with the vote in the South. Well, the
NY Times’ Caucus Blog reports:

Alabama’s primary schedule may have us all tied in knots.

Last week, a House committee in the state approved a bill that would split voting days for the presidential primary. Why? Because a few counties have huge, huge Mardi Gras celebrations on the same day — Feb. 5 — as the overall state’s move-up date. (Granted, to be competitive with oh, what, nearly 20 states moving their 2008 primaries up for what is now billed as “Super-Duper Tuesday.”)

And of course, that being a holiday (meaning for Mardi Gras), counties like Mobile, Baldwin and elsewhere — especially in southern parts of the state, would, under the bill, be able to vote on Jan. 30 with their votes sealed until the actual date.

And if they couldn’t vote on Jan. 30, and wanted to vote on Fat Tuesday, (or by absentee), it looks like voters in those counties deeply immersed in their traditions, according to the bill, would have to wend their way to one big precinct in each county to cast a vote Feb. 5. (At least, that seems to be the latest proposal.)

This new system will be ideal for creative election metrics. Because these envelops are both sealed and anonymous, they can be lost, replaced, re-stuffed, or even multiplied. And if anyone says anything, broken seals and suspicious contents can all be chalked up to the post Mardi Gras fervour of individual voters. If you thought that there were ways to fuck with the black vote before, well, Kanye hasn’t seen nothing yet.

Story via Wonkette

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