The Big Dirty

These are the new Vegas Leggings from American Apparel. If you want your (or your girlfriend’s) ass to look that good, you can order a pair here.

You know, when it comes to this company and Las Vegas, I have somewhat of a soft hot spot. I don’t gamble so I never wanted to visit Vegas, but then I went in 2005 and found out why Dov Charney is pretty much the coolest fucking boss I’ve ever had. I also fell in love with the city (and an American Apparel model). It reminds me just how much I enjoyed working for the guy, even if I lost sleep over it.

You know how they say that once you leave home you can’t ever go back? Well, when I got back from Tinsel Town, I wasn’t the same person who lost all that sleep. I’m not sure what happened, or where it all went wrong, but for the longest time I tried finding my way back to La La Land. I guess, though, that once some bridges are burned, they can’t ever be rebuilt.

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