The Spectator Generation.

Do you ever think that you’re living through history? That you’re watching it go down in realtime?

The last of the Kennedy’s is dead. The last of a democratic trinity. We’ve closed a chapter in the American Dream that was never realized… that was never really finished…

What can our generation really boast? A black president? A new world order?

Everything is regressing into a commodity, and soon, even the memories will just that: a mere idea that can be used to brand, barter, and trade a package of lies, smoke, and mirrors.

It used to mean something to rebel, to revolt, to stand out in the crowd. But now it’s all just a way to brand our own vain sense of individuality.

We live for nothing more than our own personal distinction… our own personal brand… our own individuality… just like all our friends…

It’s no longer our beliefs that distinguish us from our contemporaries. It’s the ideas that we consume with out disposable income; the ideas we come to “embody” through our purchases.

It’s no longer what we believe; it’s what we invest in… and like all investment capital, it can be shifted or diverted to some other asset or portfolio with or without a loss or gain…

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