Gate Rape Thugs

The purpose of this post is to show off how I coined a clever phrase (see title) that rhymes perfectly with an already popular phrase that also carries negative connotations.

TSA Logo


You care because feds stored thousands of bodyscan images and the bodyscanners were pushed through by corrupt lobbyists who don’t care that they don’t really work because they can’t see inside body cavities and are dangerous because they deliver 20 times the dose of radiation that the TSA claims, at least you can still defend your your freedom of speech by wearing a satirical TSA t-shirt the next time you pass through airport security.

I care because even though the TSA has closed the loophole that would allows you to enter the US without being x-rayed or groped by issuing a new policy where refusing a pat down will cost you an $11,000 fine, they might haven’t gone completley mad just yet because at least transgender people can ask to be groped by an agent of the gender of their choice (via terrisenft) and they offer great customer service to those unlawfully detained for taking picture that they’re allowed to take.

Post inspired by Peter Shankman’s tweet.

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2 thoughts on “Gate Rape Thugs

  1. Not sure whether the shout out in my directions is supposed to imply I endorse or am neutral about new TSA policies. For the record, I’m not. In my tweet, I wanted to forward information to a sector of the population that has been routinely degraded at pat-down security checkpoints for years now: transgender folks. If you read through the document posted, you will see the authors of the tip sheet (and that’s what it is) in no way endorse or are neutral regarding TSA procedures.

  2. @Terri
    I don’t think any of us are neutral about these policies.

    But for the record, we didn’t mean to imply you supported any one side. The tone is actually meant to be satirical.

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