Shadow dance, look at me

Shadow Dance by KusouI was watching a newscast last nigh about GM being broke. The correspondent made some comment about “repairing the American Dream.” My first thought was “Oh shit, if that analogy catches on, maybe I can milk some traffic off of it.”

What kind of shit head am I? Families are losing their livelihood and security, and I’m thinking of “Google juice.”

I’ll tell you what kind of shit head I am. I am the f**king “Facebook generation.” I’d rather you look at me than look at all the shit that’s going on around you. I’d rather you be “captive” than be happy.

I am the shadows on the wall. I’d rather you watch me dance in the flicker of flame than be happy because without you, my anthropomorphis means nothing. Without an audience, the irony of my shadow dance is lost in silence, to the unwatching eyes of an overloaded and apathetic tribe.

Res ipsa loquitor